Wait.  That's the greatest dating advice that I can give to anyone that's unsure or wondering when they're going to find Mr. or Mrs. Right.  When people ask about Morgan and I, one of the first things that we say is, "It was just really obvious to us," and that's true.  About two or three weeks into dating, we both sort of looked at each other and knew already that this was our forever.  It was as obvious as, "What color is the sky?"

We've all been there before with past relationships and thought, "Could this be it?" and even thought that maybe it was, but somehow knew it wasn't right.  Don't force it.  Wait.  Because as cliche as it may sound, when it's right, you know immediately.  There's no second guessing or doubts.  Someone will ask you what color the sky is, and you'll say, "her."

Below is the story of how we met.  It's a unique one and something neither of us could have seen coming.  Even in our story, we had to wait.  About six months passed between us meeting and us being ready for each other.  Neither of us tried to force it and then out of nowhere, the sky turned blue.  

The photo shoot that changed everything...

Morgan and I met on an inspiration wedding photo shoot.  I was the photographer and of course she was our gorgeous model for the day.  These photo shoots are a collaboration between photographers, coordinators, florists, dress designers and more to create a shoot that would then be published by a national wedding magazine or blog.  This one actually got picked up by the Wedding Chicks blog

The funny thing is though, we almost never met.  For months Krystel from Couture Events, the coordinator that designed the shoot, had another model scheduled.  Three days before the shoot, the model backed out and we were panicked.  In her panic, Krystel put up a post on Facebook just hoping that somebody knew someone that could possibly come model for us.  An acquaintance that Morgan briefly knew when she was 15 and working with a mutual music producer tagged Morgan in the post.

Krystel selected Morgan and she was now our model!  The days before the shoot were very busy, so I never even had time to look into who our model was or what she looked like.  When I walked into Krystel's office the day of the shoot, I was blown away.  Morgan was already halfway through hair and makeup and the first thing I noticed was her beaming smile.  I think that's what most people first notice, because when Morgan smiles, she lights up a room like I've seen few others able to do.  I introduced myself and tried hard to keep my cool.  I chatted though some details with Krystel and Karina, got to hear a little bit about the fact that Morgan is a country singer, and then slipped out with my assistant to head to the Seaport Village carousel where we would start our first location.

I'm pretty sure one of the first things that I said when I got in the car was, "Holy crap that girl is gorgeous!"  John replied something like, "Yeah dude, this is going to be insane."  We Googled her immediately and listened to a few songs of her songs online as we drove.  Minds blown!

The shoot went incredible and sparks flew all day.  We were just fast friends and found an ease with each other immediately.  Looking back, we always laugh how the first day we met, she was in wedding dresses all day long.  It was pretty easy for me to picture the possibilities!

After the shoot was over, we both sort of lingered by our cars and when the moment came, I asked if she might want to go surfing and grab lunch sometime soon.  She said that she would love to and to find her on Facebook so we could set it up.  Our lunch date was a really funny and full story on its own, but the short of it is that Morgan surfed without a wetsuit (and froze), talked at length about the real possibility that mermaids exist (I laughed a lot), and our conversation over California burritos ended up lasting hours and left my cheeks hurting from smiling so much!

From there we stayed friends.  The timing wasn't quite right, but we both knew there was something very special in each other.  We kept in touch randomly through the months with a few texts here and there to check in and see how life was going.  She would update me on some little city she was playing in or how weird a hotel her band was staying at was.  One of those people that wasn't right in front of you, but always sort of on your mind somehow.

Then in December, Morgan texted me and said she wanted to hangout and get some "David Manning wisdom".  Our first night hanging out together we were both getting over being sick.  It was by no means a date, so we decided to pickup sushi from one of our favorite spots and just hangout at my place with some whiskey and our guitars.  We talked into the early hours of the morning, mainly about how much neither of us wanted to be in a relationship for a long long time, played songs for each other and in that night realized just how special this friendship we had really was.  I'm not sure that I've ever smiled so much in my life.  She is the most incredible woman that I have ever met and that night I began to fall in love with the woman that will become my wife.

From that night, it has been an incredible adventure filled with surfing, bike rides, rollerblading, mountain hikes, lake trips, and so much more.  The most important thing though and the basis of our love for each other is that friendship that we found in that very first day.  

She's my best friend and I cannot wait to marry her.

Here's a behind the scenes video that Anthology Films shot that first day...


And of course the photos from the shoot...

David Manning Photographer Morgan Leigh Boberg San Diego Carousel smile
David Manning Photographer Morgan Leigh Boberg San Diego Seaport Village Carousel
David Manning Photographer Morgan Leigh Boberg San Diego Estate Events
David Manning Photographer Morgan Leigh Boberg San Diego Inspiration Shoot
David Manning Photographer Morgan Leigh Boberg San Diego Funny cookies
David Manning Photographer Morgan Leigh Boberg San Diego Wedding Dresses
David Manning Photographer Morgan Leigh Boberg San Diego Wedding dress